Periarticular administration of GUNA MD-Knee and GUNA MD-Matrix in Gonarthrosis III-IV X-Ray stage improves the status of the knee and thus improves the quality of life of patients due to:
* Statistically significant reduction in pain at rest and pain on movement.
* Statistically significant improvement in all indicators of the algo-functional Index of Lequesne.
* Improvement in swollen syndrome in 90%, sonographically proven.

Guna Collagen Medical Devices - MD-Matrix

MD-MATRIX is a medical device designed to help movement by limiting a physiological degeneration of joints and tissues as well as by counterbalancing any damage caused by:

Guna Collagen MD-Matrix Product

MD-MATRIX is a medical device designed to help movement, by strengthening the supportive tissue of the joints. Its main therapeutic functions include:

MD-MATRIX is a medical device intended to be used by a qualified staff in private or public health facilities to:

MD-MATRIX may also be used in patients who need a collagen supplementation or a topical antiaging treatment.

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